Yoga and Your Addiction Recovery, What Makes it a Great Addition?

beach with birds and large rocksIf you’ve heard about yoga and your addiction recovery journey, you’re probably wondering what all the buzz is about. How can anyone know what’s going to be a good choice for you when they don’t know you? On the flip side, have you given yoga a try? Do you know what it can do for your whole body and sense of wellness?

Yoga is a type of exercise that actually builds your strength by forcing you to hold difficult or semi-difficult poses for a certain amount of time. By learning how to focus your breathing, you learn how to take some of the difficulty from the process and sustain the pose, even when it’s difficult.

There are many benefits to doing yoga, and your addiction recovery might just really thank you for it. So, what makes this type of exercise truly amazing?

  • Developing strength. Anytime we force our muscles to do something that is even slightly difficult, we give them strength. Strong muscles help to support the whole body. Plus, lean muscle burns more calories, and more importantly, fat. Having lean muscles can help to prevent osteoporosis, and even fight some of the negative effects of your addiction.
  • Building flexibility. Do you ever just feel like you need to stretch? Does it ever feel like no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get that edgy feeling out of your muscles? You’re probably struggling with tension. When you’re tense, you’re not flexible, and with time, this can become uncomfortable. Addiction recovery can cause a ton of tension, and yoga can help to reduce it.
  • Dropping the blood pressure. You might not know it, but yoga helps to bring your blood pressure down naturally. This is great news if now that you’re clean you find that you struggle to maintain a healthy blood pressure. Continued practicing can go a long way toward helping you to maintain whole body wellness.
  • Manages your weight. One of the biggest problems with quitting your addiction is your weight. Lots of people find that when they start to get clean and sober, they gain a lot of weight if they don’t work to manage it. Yoga can help you to avoid a lot of the weight gain you might otherwise experience from quitting your addiction.
  • Helps you focus. A lack of focus can be a really big problem for those who are working to overcome their addictions. Yoga helps you to clear your mind and focus on your breathing, and that gives you an edge when it comes to paying attention to all other aspects of life.

If these benefits don’t completely convince you to give it a try, you should know that yoga and your recovery can be a pair that you can carry with you anywhere. So, even when you’re fresh out of ideas to help you fight cravings and urges, a little bit of yoga can make a tremendous difference in how you’re feeling and we can help you do this through our holistic treatment were we help you dial into your mind, body and spirit.