Guilt and Shame – Are They Making Addiction Issues Worse?

large stacked rocksGuilt and shame are two tremendously powerful emotions that go hand-in-hand. They not only affect our sense of wellbeing without addictions, but they can be like poison to a person struggling with an addiction. So, when you hear addiction experts talk about guilt and shame, it’s important to understand what it means, and how it might be affecting your addiction, and if they are making your addiction issues worse than they should be.

Understanding how They Cause Problems

When we feel guilty about something, it makes us feel bad. Often, this is the feeling that keeps us up at night and feeling really terrible about things. You might feel guilty because someone you love had something bad happen and they said it was your fault. You might feel guilty because you stole money from a loved one when you knew they really needed it. You might even feel guilty because you let an animal die, or helped to hurt it.

No matter the reason, when we feel guilty about something, it’s because we know – albeit sometimes mistakenly – that we could have, should have been able to do something to stop what happened.

When we feel shame, it can range from being ashamed because of that stealing from a loved one or hurting that animal. It could be that we’ve been told forever that we are ugly, fat, not worth anything, or that we did something “Wrong.” Humans are social creatures, and being able to be accepted by even a small group is something that helps us to thrive. We feel shame when we are ostracized or made fun of, or when we do something to make us feel like we are less than others.

Unfortunately, both of these emotions are something that can become much worse than they really are. For example, you might be ashamed of the way you look. Over time, you will be so convinced that there is something wrong with you, that when you really are able to see yourself, you’re amazing that there is no reason to feel shame about your appearance.

How to Fix The Problem

Unfortunately, guilt and shame are two terribly difficult emotions to heal, and without help, many of us simply cannot move past them. For an addict, these emotions can serve to make things much, much worse.

A holistic treatment program takes a different approach to addressing guilt and shame that so many addicts feel, and actually works in many ways to help you understand those feelings, own those feelings, begin to let those feelings go, and come to a better, more confident and accepting place than you were when you checked in.

Why not give us a call today and let us help you find out how we can help you address your addiction and start battling those negative feelings for good?

Beaten Down By Life and Seeking Relief – The Truth Behind Many Addictions

image of pink flowers at sunsetWhen you’re beaten down by life, it’s easy to look just about anywhere for a break. Life gets hard, and it seems like almost everything we do can either be good or bad. We don’t have control over the things that other people do, and we don’t really get a say in many of the things that affect our day-to-day. So what’s a person supposed to do?

Why We Seek Relief

Many people try to do things to regain their control and feel like things are okay again, and some of this behavior can actually be a part of the reason why an addiction develops. Take the person seeking relief through the use of substances and going out to have a good time. At first, going out and cutting loose a little bit helps to ease stress and help to remind you that everything will be okay.

When we use substances, we often feel good. We feel good about life, good about ourselves, and just good in general. It’s a pretty quick fix for many problems that come up, and if you’ve been struggling for a long time, it’s going to sound appealing.

This is especially the case if our everyday lives leave us feeling like we don’t matter or are disliked, or if we feel like others are treating us badly and there is nothing we can do about it. You would be surprised the effect that the way others treat us can have on our emotional wellbeing.

While it might be harmless to go out once in a great while with a designated driver and have a couple drinks with friends, it’s not a good practice to get into. Especially if you’re trying to self-medicate and are drinking or abusing substances just to soothe your soul.

How Being Beaten Down by Life Can Cause Addictions

When life gives us a beating, we often don’t realize what it can really be doing to us. It’s so common to “let off steam,” in our society by partying, getting high or drunk, that many of us don’t think much of it. However, as the way we feel continues to grow, and our lack of control over situations keeps getting worse, we may find that we also struggle with depending on drinking or using more and more to cope with our negative feelings.

If you or a loved one has been beaten down by life and are now struggling with an addiction, you might want to consider the mind, body, spirit healing that a holistic rehab can offer you. It’s a fresh start, and a way to overcome your addiction that you can truly embrace and make a part of your life.