Self-Love, the Center of Any Solid Addiction Recovery Journey

sunset on stunning beachSelf-love is something that we all need to have in order to be strong enough and determined enough to overcome an addiction. We have to be able to tell ourselves that we matter enough to start kicking an addiction. We have to be able to believe that, even though we might not have any strong relationships left, we still matter. We are still going to get clean and sober because our lives matter.

What you might not realize is that in order to start your recovery journey, you’re going to have to start developing your own sense of self-worth.

Why We Have to Have Self-Love

Now, you might be wondering why we have to have self-love in order to kick an addiction. The answer is often a bit tricky, but chances are, your lack of love for yourself, and feelings of negativity toward your place in the world probably had a lot to do with what started you drinking or using in the first place.

For example, kids who are bullied and abused by their parents or a loved one often feel that they don’t matter. They feel that they don’t have a strong place in the world in which they live and this makes them worry that they are not enough, or that they don’t fit anywhere. Often, this can lead to feeling out of control, or like they shouldn’t even be alive.

In order to silence these feelings, it’s common to start using or drinking. When a person drunk or high, they don’t feel useless and like they don’t matter. They finally feel good.

The thing is, as soon as the feeling of euphoria fades, the negativity starts back up, and that makes us believe that we have to have the source of our addiction to even function normally in life.

Getting to a Good Place in Life

When you decide that you’re ready to start overcoming your addiction, it’s important to find a treatment program that is going to make you feel like you’re in a really good place. Like you belong. This will help you to develop your feelings of self-love and appreciation, because, when you work on recovery for anyone other than yourself, it’s not quite as effective as when you choose to do it for you.

Consider a holistic rehab to help you get to the bottom of your negative feelings and teach you how to overcome them for good. You’ll find that you can take living a healthy recovery into a whole, balanced, happy and healthy life.

Remember, you matter. You deserve to live a clean and sober life, and you deserve to have self-love.