Stress Management Techniques for Recovery – For Life

Stress management techniques are some of the most important tools anyone can take away from any time spend in addiction rehab. Many people who struggle with addiction report that stress is one of their major triggers to return to the use of their substance of choice. For this reason, stress management is more important than ever before.

Holistic rehabs offer a ton of really wonderful ways to relieve stress in almost any situation. In fact, many people who have attended holistic addiction treatment and successfully completed it, report that if it weren’t for the stress management techniques that they learned, they might have relapsed.

Daily Stress Management

Many experts feel that in order to truly manage stress in most of our rushed and busy lives, you have to take a multi-faceted approach. Incorporating a daily routine that helps you to feel rested, refreshed and ready to take on the world is one aspect of a good stress-busting routine.

Some of the elements to incorporate into a daily routine include:

  • Plenty of sleep. Being rested has been proven to help you fight stress. When you’re sleeping, your brain is sorting out problems and rejuvenating. You’re more alert, and more productive.
  • A healthy diet. When you’re eating a solid, well-rounded diet that is high in essential nutrients, you’re fueling your body and making sure that you don’t struggle with deficiencies. This balance will help your body to operate at its peak.
  • A regular workout routine releases “feel-good” hormones and that will help to ease feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress in general.
  • Taking the time each day to connect with your inner self and learning to slow down and just be can help to remind you that stressors are something that doesn’t control you, your reactions, or your life.

Fighting Stressful Situations

While it’s great to have a daily routine that helps you to beat stress, there are also important ways that you can fight stressful situations. This is especially true when you’re working on overcoming your addiction because these tense situations can make you want to relapse, this is something a holistic recovery center would prepare you to overcome.

Some techniques to try include:

  • Take just 30 seconds or so to breathe. In as little as 30 seconds or a minute, you can regroup and assess a high-stress situation more clearly. When you’re not simply reacting to something, you’re more likely to make a good decision.
  • Stay in the moment. Don’t launch into a future of unknowns. Focus on what is happening right now, and react with thought.
  • Step back. In addition to the other stress management techniques, you might find that it helps during stressful situations to step back if you can. Take some time to quietly assess what’s happening before you react.

These are just some of the stress management techniques that you might learn when you choose to attend addiction rehab, but when used correctly, you might just find that stress never gets the best of you – or your recovery.