Holistic Rehab – What Is It?

large stacked rocksHolistic rehab is a relatively new concept for most of us. Traditionally, we have imagined addiction rehab to be withdrawal, detox, lots of group counseling and the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous (AA or NA). Perhaps we formed our visions of what rehab is like from movies like Clean and Sober or 28 Days. And, indeed, many rehab programs are like that: fighting through cravings and lots of 12 Step meetings. Those programs have saved countless lives, and programs like them continue to.

When Traditional Treatment Doesn’t Work

However, not everyone has been helped by traditional programs, and we are very fortunate to have a much wider range of treatment options now. More people have a better chance to be successful with a wider range of possible treatment options. Some people have had multiple ‘treatment failures’ for example, going several times to traditional programs only to relapse again and again.

Certainly, some go to rehab without much intention of being successful. This often occurs when they are pressured by others into treatment (significant others, the court system, for example). But, many are unsuccessful even with concerted intent and effort. Despite their best efforts, they continue to use addictive substances, often relapsing shortly after treatment.

Underlying Causes Cause ‘Treatment Failure’

A holistic approach looks for underlying causes of addiction and relapse. Seen through the lens of everything being connected, addiction and relapse in the holistic view can be very different than in a more traditional framework. Often, for instance, relapse is interpreted as the fault of some stubborn and willful resistance to sobriety. Holistically, however, relapse is viewed as unaddressed and unresolved underlying problem that causes imbalance throughout the entire system. There may very well be a stubborn resistance, but looking deeper, the cause of that needs treatment. Working holistically, even seemingly unrelated issues are considered related because one is whole, not a collection of unrelated parts.

Is Holistic Treatment for You?

There are many things that make holistic rehab a good choice for you. Among them are:

Other treatment methods have not worked for you

You are simply drawn to holistic philosophy and methods

Holistic methods have worked in other areas of health for you

You have multiple issues occurring simultaneously

More traditional options have some elements you aren’t comfortable with

You believe in the body, mind, spirit connection

If you are interested in holistic rehab, or your addicted loved one is, give us a call. We will discuss whether this is a good fit for you in a free consultation, and we will check your insurance coverage for you so you can find the right financial situation to meet your individual needs, too.



Holistic Health – More Than Not Being Sick

A holistic health approach to addiction treatment is a powerful and comprehensive way to address the impact of addiction on the Logo 2 Minimind, body, and spirit. Since addiction is a whole person, whole life problem, its treatment should be comprehensive as well. Going to a holistic rehab for addiction treatment may be the solution you have been looking for. Particularly, if other methods haven’t worked for you, holistic treatment may be the answer.

Holistic healthcare looks toward maintaining a high level of well-being in your life and seeks to do more than keep you from being sick. A holistic practice in your everyday life is possible and can help you not only sustain sobriety but sustain a healthy and vibrant life overall. A holistic rehab can help you overcome your addiction, and learn a new lifestyle that is easily incorporated, and easy to transition into, attending to the body, mind, and spirit in ordinary life, with sustainable techniques.

When Life is Fragmented

Addiction itself is a fragmenting force in our lives. We hide it away, ashamed and wanting secrecy to avoid exposure, as well as the interference of others who disapprove or are concerned. Also, intoxication splits off reality, our perceptions are distorted, and our interactions are held at least at arm’s length. People cannot fully penetrate our addiction’s defenses, and they cannot be fully intimate with us. Also, addiction fragments the body, mind, and spirit, disempowering us, leaving us partial instead of whole. We cannot mobilize ourselves in full harmony, balance or personal power.

Reclaiming Our Whole Selves

Holistic rehab for addiction helps us reclaim our whole selves. We don’t just detox and resolve to stay abstinent. We look for the wounds in the rest of us—how have our thoughts become distorted, and made us vulnerable to dysfunction? How do our emotions trigger us to self-defeating behaviors? And, how has the spirit been split off from fueling our daily lives with meaning, purpose, and direction?

Holistic rehab also helps us re-integrate our fragmented selves. We bring basic self-care to the fore again with adequate rest, nutrition, hydration, and exercise. We help our bodies regain their vibrancy and resilience, and begin to evolve our thoughts, letting go of the unhelpful patterns that cause us limitation and pain. Moving externally, too, we can reclaim and heal our dealings with others, and our overall attitude in the world.