Making Changes – Finding Motivation When You Have None

image of pink flowers at sunsetMaking changes in any part of life is tough. It’s never easy to decide you’re going to do something different and stick with it, but for those who are able and do choose to, those changes can be the best thing they ever do for themselves.

For many, the hardest part is finding motivation when they really don’t seem to have any. How do you pick yourself up and make yourself change if you just don’t have the desire? Sometimes, you have to force yourself.

These tips can help you to stay motivated for making changes all the time, even when you don’t seem to have the motivation to keep at them:

  • One day at a time. Remember that you can look far ahead and imagine what will happen, but you’re not going to believe it or see any changes if you don’t start small. One day at a time. And sometimes, one hour at a time is the only way to get through the beginning stages of making changes to your old life. So, for now, just take it a day at a time.
  • You can’t see progress if you don’t at least start. This one is tough, and so many people complain that they can’t see any difference, but the thing is, they usually aren’t really trying, either. Ask anyone making changes to their lives and even taking small steps if they see a difference, and it’s likely that they are. Remember, even tiny steps add up to bigger steps and major changes in life.
  • If you don’t feel like tackling something big, just do something little. Okay, so maybe today isn’t the day to get started repairing all those damaged relationships. Maybe today is a therapy and nap day. Great. Just do it. Just make sure that you’re making some kind of progress each and every day. Remember, just staying clean and sober can add up to a big deal.
  • When you don’t have motivation, look back at what you’ve accomplished so far. Just as someone that is working to get healthy begins to look at how good they feel when they work out, your recovery is going to take some time for reflection, too. And that’s okay. Sometimes, when we need motivational help, just looking back at what you’ve accomplished can be enough to kick start your progress again.

Finding a solid addiction treatment program can go a long way toward helping you while you’re making changes in your life, too. So, give us a call and let us help you get started with your recovery goals. You might be surprised at how easy it is once you get going.

Incorporating Nature For a Healthy Recovery – Making it Work for You

You might have heard that incorporating nature for a healthy recovery can be really powerful, and if you’re thinking its time to start getting clean and sober, you’re probably looking for all the ideas and tips you can get.

While it’s true that you can use nature to help you on your recovery journey, it’s also true that you probably won’t get huge benefits from sitting outside if you’re not working on other types of recovery tools, as well. So, what works when you’re trying to overcome your addiction, and how do you make it work for you and your life?

When it Comes to Using Nature

Now, if you’re thinking you can just go sit on your back porch and heal yourself, you’re probably not really thinking too much about kicking your addiction. There are factors to include to ensure you make the most of your journey.

A good example is if you’re sitting outside, but you’re on your phone browsing social media. You’re feeling pretty good and relaxed when you get a text from your dealer asking why you haven’t paid him yet. Here goes the relaxed feeling, and your five-day clean streak. Now, you’re stressed, anxious, and thinking of ways that you can pay your debt – while getting a little taste of your drug of choice.

Incorporating nature for a healthy recovery has to be done intentionally. Which means that you’re actively working on overcoming your addiction. Maybe you’ve cut communication with most people, and you’re in rehab. Or, maybe you’re working on an intensive outpatient rehab program and you’re trying to add some tools.

Put your phone away – inside – and get outside with intention. Remember, you want to make the most of what nature has to offer.

Go for a walk outside, or get active in some way. Being out in the fresh air helps us to breathe deeper and can increase our circulation. Studies show that the sounds of nature can help to calm us down and make us feel better when we’re tense or upset. Leave the distractions inside and spend time just listening to the sounds of the world.

Adding it to Your Recovery Program is Best

It’s important to note that you’re always going to improve your overall health and wellbeing when you get outside as much as you can, but if you’re thinking of incorporating nature for a healthy recovery, you probably won’t see great benefits unless you add it to an existing recovery program.

Remember that spending time outside is no substitute for therapy, both group and individual, and other types of addiction treatment. But, when you’re ready, and you’re looking for something to add to your recovery program, adding nature can be one of the best things you choose to do.

Filling Your Time – Finding A Worthwhile Substitute for Your Addiction

girl at peace with her lifeFilling your time while you’re working on overcoming an addiction is essential. It’s what’s going to help you fight those cravings and make you feel like you’re doing something that matters. Boredom is a big problem for those in recovery, but so is loneliness. For this reason, finding something that works for you and your interests can make a huge difference in how you see your recovery journey.

The problem is, many people don’t know what they should really be looking for when they search for something to help them fill up all their extra time. These tips might help you when you’re looking for constructive ways to fill all the gaps in time that you have now.

  • Get into meditation. Meditation is not only good for eating up a few minutes of the day, it can also be a really wonderful way to help you decompress and soothe stress. As you get better at it, you might find that as much as a half hour goes by where you didn’t have any cravings or urges to use or drink at all.
  • Yoga, anyone? Yoga is a really wonderful overall healthy activity because it helps you to focus, build strength, flexibility, and although it’s not an aerobic activity, it can leave you feeling like you just ran a marathon (in a good way). Plus, it can help to ease sore muscles and reduce the tension that often comes with the stress of recovery.
  • Get involved. You will probably have some kind of job, but what about getting involved in community activities while you’re not working? It can help you to build friendships, feel like what you’re doing matters, and even keep you busy enough to avoid relapsing. If you’re not sure that just any activity will do, consider joining some recovering groups that you can get involved with.
  • Go to meetings. Yes, this one seems like it’s just more therapy and treatment, but going to meetings can actually be a way for you to socialize and feel connected. It can be hard to be the only one overcoming an addiction. Meetings help you connect with like-minded people.

Often, before you even consider filling your time, you need to be working on overcoming your addiction. This is where a holistic rehab might just be what you need to get you started living a healthy, happy recovery journey. Give us a call and let us help you find the right addiction treatment program for your needs.

Coping With Addiction By Using Love – Healing Family Members While Healing Addiction

pink water lillyCoping with addiction with love is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, and your addicted loved one. The trouble is that too often, we don’t know how, and we think that somehow, we don’t deserve to be caring and loving to ourselves while trying to love an addicted friend or family member through a tough situation.

That’s why it’s so important to learn how you can show love to your friend or family member, without damaging your life any further than it already has been. These tips can help you to heal yourself and the rest of your family while helping to heal a loved one’s addiction.

  • Know that you need treatment, too. Addictions cause trauma, frustration, hurt feelings and sometimes even physical harm to those that love the addicted person. For this reason, you need treatment, too. You can learn how to disengage from your loved one so you don’t feel like you’re a terrible person if you don’t offer to help him the way he wants. You can also learn that it’s okay for you to have your life, even though your loved one is struggling with his. You can, and should also learn how to process your feelings because there are a ton of them.
  • Offer to spend time with your addicted loved one, but don’t do anything to enable him. This means spending money on your loved one, taking him to get his drug of choice, or offering him anything that might make it easier to continue the addiction. It’s tempting to pay his bills or his rent. It’s heartbreaking to see him so hungry, but you also don’t have to offer him relief in the form of money. Instead, help him work through the worst of the emotional issues, and remind him that you are there and love him. This helps to protect your finances and gives you a feeling of power over what happens in your life as a result of your loved one’s addiction.
  • Set boundaries with love. Boundaries, setting them and successfully sticking to them is actually a skill. When you set a boundary, be rational about it, and don’t do it because you’re angry with your loved one, but because you and the rest of your family need relief from the pain of the addiction.

Coping with addiction with love will seem really hard at first. When you’re angry, sad or feeling heartbroken by the things that your loved one’s addiction causes her to say and do, you’re going to want to lash out, or worse, beg her to stop. It’s normal, but remember, you need help to process your emotions so that you can better help your loved one to make the right choice when it’s time.

Holistic Recovery – An Option When You Think Nothing Will Work

Holistic recovery might be an option when you think that you have run out of them, as is common in cases of addiction. Unfortunately, too many people who struggle with addictions think that a one-size-fits-all approach is better than nothing so they try it, but when it doesn’t work, they find that they feel like nothing will.

Did you know that there are lots of people who struggle with addictions out there that have gone through every kind of treatment program they can imagine and are still struggling with using or drinking? It’s true, but studies now find that it might just be a matter of the type of treatment that you go for, and if it works well for you and your needs.

Holistic is Different

You might not realize how different holistic recovery is, and that’s okay. No, you don’t have to sit and meditate all day long, but if that’s what you like to do and it’s helping you to heal your total mind, body, and spirit, then go ahead. You’re also not going to have to have a ton of acupuncture if you don’t like it, and your days aren’t filled up with wraps and massages like if you were at a spa retreat.

Massages have a purpose, as does every other method that you’ll experience in holistic rehab, of helping you to reduce toxins and tension, calm your mind and help to heal your body. Holistic treatment is different than other addiction treatment methods, and it might just be what you really need to help you start enjoying your recovery journey and stick to it.

When You’re Ready….

When you’re ready to give holistic recovery a try, or if it just sounds interesting and you want to know more, give us a call. We specialize in helping people just like you find the right holistic rehab to meet their needs. From making the most of your insurance coverage to helping you find a place where you can really feel confident that you’re going to enjoy and connect with, our caring staff knows about living total wellness and overcoming addiction.

So why not give us a call today? We’re eager to help you because we know how wonderful overcoming your addiction can be, and we want to give you the best start in your new life as possible!

Addiction Recovery that Feels Good – Holistic Treatment Helps

girl in white dress staring into oceanWouldn’t it be nice to find addiction recovery that actually feels good? Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to stop using or drinking and actually be able to enjoy the benefits of it? Now you can, because holistic treatment actually makes this happen for you.

Okay, so it’s still rehab. It’s still addiction treatment, and you’re still going to be going through recovery from your addiction, which isn’t fun. But, if you’re going to choose to attend rehab, you might as well choose a program that focuses on helping you to feel good while you’re getting clean and sober.

What Makes Holistic Treatment Different?

For people who want to find addiction recovery that feels good, holistic rehab might be the answer to their prayers. Through different, holistic methods, your body is attended in an effort to stop many of the aches, pains and physical symptoms that often accompany overcoming an addiction.

Massages are common in this type of addiction treatment. The idea is to help speed the removal of toxins from the body and help ease the painful tension that can build up.

Acupuncture is another common holistic treatment method that many report is quite helpful. It targets parts of the body that help to reduce cravings and urges for your substance of choice.

Nutrition and yoga and exercise are also a significant focus in holistic rehab. This is because the foods you eat help your body to heal and repair and staying active helps to ease stress, and stimulate circulation, among other things. Yoga helps to keep you flexible and strong, which is often lacking when you’re in active addiction.

What Aspects of Holistic Treatment Stay the Same?

Keep in mind that some parts of holistic addiction treatment stay the same. The features that are proven effective throughout the addiction treatment industry are still prevalent in holistic rehab. You’ll enjoy individual therapy, as well as group therapy. This helps you to get to the heart of your addiction, and also build a strong support system in group treatment.

Mindfulness and meditation are also common in holistic rehab, just as they are common in traditional addiction treatment programs, simply because they work. When it comes to meditation, however, holistic treatment focuses on incorporating it into your whole life.

If you’re looking for addiction recovery that feels good, holistic rehab might be a great fit for you. Give us a call today, and we can help you to explore your treatment options and find an addiction treatment program that you can really feel great about. Since you need to do it anyway, why not consider addiction treatment that feels good?

Holistic Rehab Doesn’t Have to Be Unaffordable

road under a thicket of treesFor many, the idea of holistic rehab sounds good, but it just feels too unaffordable. The idea of having a chance to start a healthy recovery with the help of a treatment program that works on total mind, body, and spiritual wellness is so appealing to so many who struggle with an addiction. Unfortunately, too many people don’t pursue attending a holistic treatment facility because they just think that they cannot afford to go.

When we think of holistic treatment, we have images of the uber-rich enjoying time beside a pool, looking glamorous, enjoying massages and gourmet meals. The average person believes that they are simply “not good enough,” to attend a holistic treatment program.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth, and there are many ways that holistic rehab can be made to be much more affordable.

  • Insurance, insurance, insurance. If you have health insurance, you will probably find that it covers at least part of your stay at a holistic rehab facility. While it might not cover some of the extras, like your gourmet meals or your daily massage, you might find that these options can be tweaked to be made more affordable. However, you never know what you’ll wind up paying until you give us a call and let us check into it for you.
  • Payment plans. Many rehabs offer affordable payment plans, and believe it or not, you’ll probably find that many holistic rehabs do the same. This is great news because even if you find you wind up owing a little something beyond what your insurance will cover, you might not have all the funds at one time. A payment plan can make it affordable to attend holistic rehab.
  • You might qualify for government funding. Yes, government funding for addiction treatment does exist, and it’s becoming more and more available with time. So, consider looking into this option if you’re having a hard time coming up with the funding for your stay in holistic rehab.
  • A little help from friends and loved ones. Your parents might not be able to afford to pay the whole tab for your stay in a holistic treatment program, but you might find that they can afford to help with a few payments, and that can make a significant difference in how much rehab costs you. It’s scary, especially when you’ve probably burned a lot of bridges, but if you ask to help with a few payments after you’ve shown you’re committed to your recovery, you might find that your loved ones are receptive to the idea.

Holistic rehab is an excellent addiction treatment option for many who want to start kicking their addictions, and it doesn’t have to be out of reach financially when you know how many ways you can cover the cost of your stay.

Holistic Living – It Feels Good to Feel Good

If you’re thinking about holistic living, you might not realize how good it can feel to feel good in your life. You might be thinking that the concept of living holistically is too “new-agey,” for you. Maybe it’s too “weird.” Or, maybe it’s right on for what you need and you just haven’t discovered the benefits yet.

So, why do so many people choose to attend this type of rehab and embrace holistic living in their recovery and their lives? Well, there are lots of benefits to choosing this type of lifestyle, but for those who are working on overcoming their addiction in this way, the recovery benefits can’t be underestimated.

  • It gives you a feeling of calm during difficult times. When you’re embracing holistic living, you’re working on trying to help your whole body, mind, and spirit. This usually means that you get to do some meditating, deep breathing, practice some Yoga and focus on mindfulness. This helps to give many a sense of calm and serenity with both their recovery and their place in life. This added calm can really make a difference when you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed with the journey.
  • It boosts your total health. When you’re feeling mentally stressed, it can make your body feel stressed and tense. When you’re struggling with both mental and physical stress, you’re also likely to notice that you’re dispirited. You’re feeling… Down. When you’re focused on holistic living, you’re not only taking care of your physical body and getting rest, you’re also focusing on strong mental health, and spiritual health, which gives you peace, balance, and even spiritual joy.
  • The focus on living naturally helps you to feel in control. Holistic living often allows those that embrace it to finally be in control of things they might not have had control over in the past. From making informed decisions regarding the foods you eat to having the ability to push down fear and worry and control where you are in your emotional life, the ability for many to be able to control many aspects of your life can make you want to enjoy your journey more.

Living holistically isn’t about being different, or strange. It’s not hard, and it doesn’t have to be a major undertaking. You don’t have to feel like you’re struggling with your recovery, or like you’re drowning in your journey anymore. Let us help you find the right holistic rehab so you can begin a healthy, well-balanced recovery journey.

Holistic Health – More Than Not Being Sick

A holistic health approach to addiction treatment is a powerful and comprehensive way to address the impact of addiction on the Logo 2 Minimind, body, and spirit. Since addiction is a whole person, whole life problem, its treatment should be comprehensive as well. Going to a holistic rehab for addiction treatment may be the solution you have been looking for. Particularly, if other methods haven’t worked for you, holistic treatment may be the answer.

Holistic healthcare looks toward maintaining a high level of well-being in your life and seeks to do more than keep you from being sick. A holistic practice in your everyday life is possible and can help you not only sustain sobriety but sustain a healthy and vibrant life overall. A holistic rehab can help you overcome your addiction, and learn a new lifestyle that is easily incorporated, and easy to transition into, attending to the body, mind, and spirit in ordinary life, with sustainable techniques.

When Life is Fragmented

Addiction itself is a fragmenting force in our lives. We hide it away, ashamed and wanting secrecy to avoid exposure, as well as the interference of others who disapprove or are concerned. Also, intoxication splits off reality, our perceptions are distorted, and our interactions are held at least at arm’s length. People cannot fully penetrate our addiction’s defenses, and they cannot be fully intimate with us. Also, addiction fragments the body, mind, and spirit, disempowering us, leaving us partial instead of whole. We cannot mobilize ourselves in full harmony, balance or personal power.

Reclaiming Our Whole Selves

Holistic rehab for addiction helps us reclaim our whole selves. We don’t just detox and resolve to stay abstinent. We look for the wounds in the rest of us—how have our thoughts become distorted, and made us vulnerable to dysfunction? How do our emotions trigger us to self-defeating behaviors? And, how has the spirit been split off from fueling our daily lives with meaning, purpose, and direction?

Holistic rehab also helps us re-integrate our fragmented selves. We bring basic self-care to the fore again with adequate rest, nutrition, hydration, and exercise. We help our bodies regain their vibrancy and resilience, and begin to evolve our thoughts, letting go of the unhelpful patterns that cause us limitation and pain. Moving externally, too, we can reclaim and heal our dealings with others, and our overall attitude in the world.

Can Meditating Daily Really Make a Difference in Your Recovery?

large stacked rocksMany people in recovery from an addiction swear by meditating daily as a way to keep them grounded, stress-free and help them avoid the pitfalls of a potential relapse. Now, if you’re wondering about meditation as a part of a recovering lifestyle, but you aren’t sure that it will make a difference for you, you should consider the many benefits of taking up this, and many other holistic recovery practices.

Meditating helps us in so many ways, and you don’t have to be striving to tap into the spiritual realm to really benefit from this practice. In fact, even if you’re just a beginner who focuses on your breathing for a few minutes, you can really reap some rewards.

  • Meditating can help to reduce your stress levels. Even if you’re just a beginner, just taking five minutes to slow down, clear your mind, and focus on your breathing can make dealing with the tough stuff just a little bit easier.
  • Meditating can even help to ease feelings of tension. Stress and tension can contribute to your desire to use or drink. Taking a while to meditate can help you to ease the physical tension that often goes along with stress, and since tension can cause us to feel physical pain, getting rid of it can actually help to fight some of those cravings.
  • Meditation reminds us of our place in the world, and in our recovery. When you’re focused on staying clean and sober, meditation can help you to stay grounded in your recovery efforts and keep you on the right path.
  • Meditating helps us stay in the moment. One of the problems that many in recovery have is thinking too far ahead or dwelling on the past. They let shame and heartache overwhelm them, or they find they drown in their fears about the future. The thing is, you’ve already been through the past, and you’re never going to get to the future if you can’t get through the current moment.

You don’t have to attend a holistic rehab to enjoy the benefits of meditation, but if you’re interested in taking your recovery, and your whole life in a more natural, alternative direction, getting started in a holistic treatment program can really help.

In the meantime, consider meditating daily to help lower stress levels, keep you grounded, and remind you that while you can’t control everything, there are some things that you can.