A Holistic Approach – A Comprehensive Method of Addiction Treatment

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A holistic approach to addiction treatment uses a much broader perspective than traditional treatment has given us. Our healthcare focus for many years has been narrow in most fields. We specialize and zero in, looking at parts of the human experience rather than the bigger picture. For example, the ear, nose and throat practitioner will do little to help with a bone problem.

Specialization gives us the miracle of extraordinary and specialized knowledge. And, we have many beneficial developments because people have specialized. However, we have also missed valuable opportunities that could have helped us, too. We lost sight of the whole people that we are, and that one ‘part’ of us does not operate in isolation from any other. Also, our healthcare services have left many of us bouncing between providers in a fragmented and inefficient course of care.

Addiction is Not an Isolated Condition

Addiction is very much a whole person condition. It does not limit itself to one or a few expressions or impact. If given long enough, it will cross over into every life realm we know. Our mental and physical health will be compromised, as well our family and social interactions, our sense of purpose and meaning, our finances, work, and faith. Whatever else surfaces in our lives is subject to negative impact and erosion, too. It is a whole person, whole life illness that requires a whole person, whole life remedy.

Recovery as a Lifestyle

Holistic treatment of addiction gives us a chance to adopt a new lifestyle. As we find solutions throughout the many realms of our everyday functioning, we find new practices to incorporate into daily life. We change behaviors that were self-defeating and even self-destructive, and this can mean that we adopt new techniques such as meditation and stress management, or nutrition changes and the use of dietary supplements.

Addiction becomes a lifestyle, a self-destructive and painful one in which we are compulsively driven to use substances, and continue using, no matter what the consequences, and no matter how desperately we would like to stop. As we stop substances and their effects upon us, we adopt another lifestyle that supports us in healthy ways.

If You are Ready for a Different Life

If you are ready to overcome your addiction and want to leave treatment with a new life to carry you forward to ever-increasing health and sustainable gains, consider holistic treatment. Give us a call today for a free consultation and we can help you determine if holistic care is a good solution for you as you seek to overcome your addiction.