Non-12 Step Holistic Treatment

Holistic Rehab Facilities FaviconNon-12 Step treatment is often a phrase used to describe holistic addiction treatment. It simply indicates that other approaches, philosophies, and methods are used besides the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) concepts alone. For many years, the principles of AA or NA were the primary concepts upon which addiction treatment programs were built. Now, we have many more options. This is fortunate because not everyone resonates with the concepts of a 12 Step program. A greater variety of treatment philosophies has made treatment and recovery more accessible to many others.

Non-12 Step Does Not Mean Anti-12 Step

People often mistakenly think that if a treatment program is not clearly focused on the 12 Step principles of AA or NA, that program does not see value in the 12 Steps. This is not true. A holistic treatment philosophy is by its very nature open to a large range of things. A holistic view embraces a variety of things as helpful, seeking to blend them into a cohesive and practical plan of action. So, for example, if you find value in a 12 Step program, that can be easily incorporated into your overall recovery plan and should be. Your holistic plan of action must suit your own individual needs, values, and preferences.

Non-12 Step Programs and Foundational Concepts

Holistic addiction treatment programs, not centered on the 12 Steps entirely, are very different than more traditional programs. More traditionally, addiction treatment philosophies have adopted the 12 Step notion that addiction is an incurable disease and can only be managed, for example. Other key concepts have been that one is powerless over addiction and that the remedy for active addiction is spiritual in nature.

Holistic programs tend to define addiction differently and to consider issues of personal power and recovery differently. In fact, personal empowerment, rather than powerlessness, is a common emphasis in holistic treatment. That one can take charge and dramatically improve one’s life is a core characteristic of a holistic view. Also, that addiction has underlying causes in body, mind, and spirit is a more holistic view.

If You Need Help

If you are struggling with an addiction and need something different than more traditional philosophies, a holistic treatment program may be your answer. You may have tried traditional methods previously, or have found that 12 Step programs are not for you, for example. Or, you may have had good results with alternative health care… or simply be interested in pursuing alternative approaches… However, you become interested in holistic care, get more information. It is the answer for countless people.