Activities to Help You Feel Connected to Your Life and Your Recovery

When you’re in recovery from an addiction, finding activities to help you feel connected to your life and your recovery can make all the difference in how long you choose to stick with your journey, as well as how likely you are to relapse. That’s why it so important to find sogirl doing yoga at sunriseme amazing things that you can do now, and throughout your recovery journey to help you make the most of every single day in your new, addiction-free life.

Things You Can Do On Your Own

While we all love a sense of community, you’re not going to be spending all your time with others. Learning how to be by yourself, and what you can do to stay motivated on your journey when you’re spending time alone is essential. The great news is that you can turn time alone into much-needed downtime when you choose the right activities.

  • You would be so surprised what a few plants in pots can do for your overall sense of purpose and calm in your recovery. It feels good to have something lovely to look out the window at, and you might be surprised at how serene digging in the dirt, pruning, and weeding can make you feel.
  • We all need activity, and we all want to feel strong and comfortable. Yoga can help you to calm your mind, shut out the noise of the day, and feel stronger and less tense than if you choose to do no activities at all.
  • This is one activity that actually requires you to be alone, but it is so effective that many people, both those who are in recovery from an addiction, and those who aren’t, actually practice regularly. It eases stress, helps you to focus, and allows you to feel calm and shut out all the noise of your day no matter where you are.

Don’t Forget Your Friends and Family

You should also know that there are activities to help you feel connected to your recovery that involve others, too. In fact, when you’re feeling especially stressed or alone, you might find that some quality time with your recovering community or your friends and family can help you to remember that you do have people that care, and you do matter.

Even after rehab, you’re going to find that you want to find activities that can help you feel connected to your recovery, and your new life to help you stay confident in your ability to live clean and sober.

Back on Track with Recovery – Sometimes, We Need a Little Help

boat in the water before sunriseSometimes, you need to get back on track with recovery. Maybe you started out kicking your addiction with a passion that was unrivaled in anything you had ever done before. Or, maybe it took you a while to get fully committed, but once you did, you couldn’t be stopped. The point is, you did alright for a while, but now, you’re back to struggling with every moment of every day.

Maybe you’ve relapsed and now all you can do is think about using or drinking again. Maybe you just simply went back to using but are trying to control an uncontrollable situation. No matter what’s happening, sometimes we need a little – or a lot – of help to get us back on track.

Rehab Didn’t Work…

One of the things that many people like to say when they go back to their old ways after completing treatment is that rehab didn’t work. This couldn’t be further from the truth, but if you don’t understand how rehab is supposed to work, you can’t really say whether it worked or not.

It’s easy for people to say that rehab didn’t work because they believe that rehab is supposed to be a cure for their addiction. Rehab and addiction treatment of any kind is actually meant to provide you with skills and tools to make overcoming your addiction now, and for the long term, a manageable feat. It’s still up to you to do the tough work.

With that in mind, it’s also important to consider that many people wind up checking into a treatment program that they can’t really wrap their head around. Maybe they don’t agree with the way that others think, or maybe they simply don’t feel like they belong. Either way, this can make overcoming an addiction tough, and sometimes impossible.

Getting Back On Track in a New Way

When you need to get back on track with recovery, but you’re going through the motions and using all the tools you learned and it feels like nothing is helping, it might be time to get some different help. Maybe it’s time to consider a different type of rehab, like something holistic, that can help you to embrace total mind, body and spirit wellness.

We can help you when you need to get back on track with your recovery to find a different kind of treatment that will work for you. So, why not give us a call today and find out how we can help you get started living clean and sober again?

Addiction – A Symptom of a Deeper Problem

girl standing on rocks covered in fogIf you have an addiction, you know that it can be a serious problem. Your health is affected, your finances are affected, your family and friends are often affected, and depending on the source of the addiction, you might even find that your ability to hold a job and have a home or healthy family can be affected.

If you have a loved one, you probably understand the gravity of having an addiction. The thing that so many people don’t realize is that this issue has more to do with something deeper underneath that’s going on emotionally.

Physical Illnesses Show Symptoms, so Do Mental Ones

When considering that addiction is a mental illness of sorts or a chronic condition, we also need to consider that, like other illnesses, addiction is simply what you can see of a much deeper, possibly buried, emotional problem that needs to be addressed. For example, people with PTSD, or who are abused as children might turn to drugs or alcohol to help them feel normal.

This is a common way of trying to cope with the feelings they struggle with and give them the chance to feel normal. Unfortunately, what actually happens is that an addiction can develop. But for the person choosing to abuse alcohol or substances, it’s about self-medicating and trying to feel better.

Getting to the Heart of the Problem

Because addiction is a symptom of a deeper problem, it’s important to seek treatment when working to overcome an addiction. This is the only way that you will be able to resolve the deep emotional or mental issues that might actually be driving you to want to continue using or drinking, as individual therapy can go a long way in helping you to understand yourself and learn to cope with the situations in your life that have left a lasting, harmful impression.

Without coming to terms with situations and learning how to deal with them, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to truly overcome your addiction.

Holistic rehabs offer life-changing recovery approaches, combined with proven treatment methods such as individual therapy that can help you to understand what’s really happening in your heart and mind and start to heal that, allowing the symptom of your addiction to diminish.

With time, and effort, many who choose to attend holistic rehab find that they are living a balanced, healthy life that is free of addiction. If you want to start getting clean and sober, and holistic treatment sounds like something you might enjoy, give us a call today. We can help you get on the road to a healthy recovery.

Embracing a Healthy Recovery – What Quitting Your Addiction can Do For Your Body

girl doing yoga at sunriseAt the very beginning, embracing a healthy recovery can be really difficult. When you’re going through detox, the last thing you’re thinking about is how healthy you’re going to feel in just a couple months. It’s hard to see that far ahead when you’re struggling not to use your drug of choice because you’re feeling so sick.

However, when you’re working on overcoming your addiction, making the most of your newfound health can offer you tremendous benefits, and for some, even keeps them determined to keep going strong.

  • You are less stressed. Believe it or not, one of the biggest benefits of embracing a healthy recovery is that you’re less stressed. Of course, you’ll need to work on reducing stress levels that come from other factors, like your work, but your addiction actually creates a ton of stress for you to have to carry around. The worries over whether you’ll be able to get the money to get high or drunk, whether you’ll get caught with illegal substances or driving while intoxicated, and legal problems that can develop, are pretty heavy. Stopping using or drinking can change all of these things in the blink of an eye.
  • Your essential organs begin to heal. You know that funny heartbeat you would sometimes get from using or drinking? What about when you would get a wound that didn’t heal, or how you used to get so sick when you tried to eat? Your organs have been suffering from your addiction, and embracing a healthy recovery can help you to begin getting better and feeling great, too.
  • Your skin looks better. While you’re healing on the inside, you’re also healing on the outside. Your skin will look better, your hair will look better, and you might even find that you get some healthy color in your cheeks.
  • You’ll learn that you can succeed. One of the things that many people who are successfully overcoming their addictions report is that they find they actually can succeed. It’s tremendously empowering to find that you can make it through each day without relapsing. That success carries over into all aspects of life.

It’s probably the most notable that when you start working on embracing a healthy recovery, you get to wake up in the morning feeling good. You won’t be sick, you won’t be shaky, and you won’t feel like you have to rush out the door to get your hands on your next fix or drink.

Overcoming addiction is hard. Embracing a healthy recovery isn’t easy, either, but holistic rehab makes it easy. So, why not give us a call today and see how we can help you get started on your healthy recovery journey?

Kicking Your Addiction – How Will You Do It?

girl doing yoga at sunriseNo matter how you choose to get started kicking your addiction, there is no denying it’s really hard to do. It’s not easy to overcome something that has become such a huge part of you, and for most of us, there is true fear associated with choosing to start living clean and sober. Luckily, you have choices when it comes to the how you will get to your new life, and those choices can make all the difference.

Understanding the Difference in Types of Addiction Treatment

There are different types of addiction treatment that you can choose from, and it’s caused many different treatment models to emerge over the years. These programs are essential in helping you to feel like you’re living a healthy, addiction-free life.

As you go through your recovery journey, you’ll discover that by feeling connected and part of something, you can boost your success tremendously, so finding a rehab option that really works for you is essential in overcoming your addiction.

Take a look at the different treatment options available to you before you decide to go to the first choice that someone throws out there for you. Decide what you want, and what will be most beneficial to you and your personal journey before you choose just any rehab.

Making a Solid Treatment Choice

You’ll also want to consider things like insurance coverage because having your treatment covered by your insurance can cause a big drop in what you’ll have to pay out of pocket. This can make your rehab stay affordable.

Once you know what your insurance will cover, you should think about all the other choices you have. Kicking your addiction is much easier when you’re in line with the treatment program that works for you. It’s also much more effective when you feel like you belong and are able to really connect with others in your treatment program.

You should think about whether or not you feel like you’re able to make strong connections during this time. Building a strong sobriety network will help you to feel less alone during your recovery journey. If you can, make a visit to the treatment facility you’re considering, and if not, a phone call can help you get a feel for the counselors and staff that you’ll be working with.

Keep in mind that you can’t waste time thinking about where you’ll go to rehab. Sometimes, you have to make the choice to just go and trust that you have done all the research you can, and you’ve made a great choice. When you’re ready, we can help.

A Holistic Approach – A Comprehensive Method of Addiction Treatment

beautiful mountains and lake

A holistic approach to addiction treatment uses a much broader perspective than traditional treatment has given us. Our healthcare focus for many years has been narrow in most fields. We specialize and zero in, looking at parts of the human experience rather than the bigger picture. For example, the ear, nose and throat practitioner will do little to help with a bone problem.

Specialization gives us the miracle of extraordinary and specialized knowledge. And, we have many beneficial developments because people have specialized. However, we have also missed valuable opportunities that could have helped us, too. We lost sight of the whole people that we are, and that one ‘part’ of us does not operate in isolation from any other. Also, our healthcare services have left many of us bouncing between providers in a fragmented and inefficient course of care.

Addiction is Not an Isolated Condition

Addiction is very much a whole person condition. It does not limit itself to one or a few expressions or impact. If given long enough, it will cross over into every life realm we know. Our mental and physical health will be compromised, as well our family and social interactions, our sense of purpose and meaning, our finances, work, and faith. Whatever else surfaces in our lives is subject to negative impact and erosion, too. It is a whole person, whole life illness that requires a whole person, whole life remedy.

Recovery as a Lifestyle

Holistic treatment of addiction gives us a chance to adopt a new lifestyle. As we find solutions throughout the many realms of our everyday functioning, we find new practices to incorporate into daily life. We change behaviors that were self-defeating and even self-destructive, and this can mean that we adopt new techniques such as meditation and stress management, or nutrition changes and the use of dietary supplements.

Addiction becomes a lifestyle, a self-destructive and painful one in which we are compulsively driven to use substances, and continue using, no matter what the consequences, and no matter how desperately we would like to stop. As we stop substances and their effects upon us, we adopt another lifestyle that supports us in healthy ways.

If You are Ready for a Different Life

If you are ready to overcome your addiction and want to leave treatment with a new life to carry you forward to ever-increasing health and sustainable gains, consider holistic treatment. Give us a call today for a free consultation and we can help you determine if holistic care is a good solution for you as you seek to overcome your addiction.

Destressing – Essential Holistic Elements of Addiction Treatment and Recovery

stacked rocks on beachDestressing is an essential element of any holistic addiction treatment. And, it is a practice that continues into recovery efforts after rehab in order to sustain gains made in treatment. Stress is a pervasive consequence of prolonged substance use, and of all the attendant consequences of addiction. In many ways, having an addiction is a traumatic experience. The body and brain are exposed to toxicity over a prolonged period, and for many people, that level of toxicity is profound, even causing organ damage, or reaching life-threatening proportions.

Also, the many natural consequences of an addiction are each and every one a stressor in itself. When things begin to go wrong in life because substance use has made life unmanageable, there is a domino-effect of negative events that can’t be stopped. One is left to experience the dismantling of daily life until measures are taken to recover and reclaim control. Each effect of an out of control life toxifies the body as well. The naturally produced stress chemicals permeate the system.

Addiction Detox and Destressing

Detox in addiction treatment is initially geared toward abstinence from an addictive substance. Use of addictive chemicals has to stop to allow the body to detoxify at this level before further healing can occur. As the intake of addictive substances is stopped, and the body is able to rinse out the residuals of chronic dosing, the body destresses profoundly.

Nervous system activity can return to a more normal internal environment. The organs are relieved from overwork to process a continuous flow of toxicity, and the mind and emotions begin to shift. Essentially, a foundational destressing begins with physical detox and continues throughout the other stages of treatment and recovery.

Taking Charge of The Body, Mind, and Spirit

Further destressing occurs as treatment moves into addiction’s footholds in the mind and spirit. Holistic treatment centers recognize that the whole person is affected by the addictive illness and that there are stressful and self-sabotaging thought patterns that must be addressed. In effect, particular thought patterns are toxic, triggering the release of stress hormones, and the activation of prolonged negative internal states.

Additionally, when the body and mind are preoccupied with toxicity on various levels, one’s spiritual well-being is naturally compromised. Addressing spiritual concerns, finding a good, orderly direction for daily life, and maintaining daily practices in alignment with one’s own ethics and values helps. When we live out of accordance with our deeply held values and beliefs, we experience another layer of chronic and toxifying stress.

Putting a comprehensive plan of action into motion, engaging the body, mind, and spirit, accelerates healing and the recovery process. We are whole individuals and cannot arbitrarily be fragmented into parts. Working simultaneously to heal the body, mind, and spirit is an integrated and comprehensive method with much-proven success.

Do You Need to Try Traditional Addiction Treatment Before You Go Holistic?

Many people believe that they need to try traditional addiction treatment before they choose to try something alternative and holistic, but this isn’t the case at all. In fact, for lots of people who are working on addiction recovery and enjoying success, finding the right type of addiction treatment first can make all the difference in their long-term journey.

So, do you really need to try a traditional addiction treatment program and find that it doesn’t work for you before you choose to try something like holistic addiction treatment?

Why Many People Believe This

In the past, in order to get your health insurance to offer coverage for addiction treatment, you would have to work within their recommended treatment programs or pay out of pocket. These days, though, the range of services that insurance companies cover, as well as the number of holistic treatment programs that actually work with insurance companies have both increased dramatically.

That means that these days, your insurance is much less likely to tell you to try something that won’t work, only to have to cover more treatment later, and more likely to encourage you to try to find the right kind of treatment the first time.

So, instead of being told that you need to try traditional addiction treatment before you choose to go with something alternative like a holistic rehab, policyholders are being more and more encouraged to try what they think will work best for them the first time.

Is Holistic Rehab A Good Choice for First-Timers?

If you’ve never been to addiction rehab, you might be thinking that you should try something more traditional at first, but this just isn’t the case. In fact, you’re going to enjoy a very comprehensive treatment program when you choose an alternative addiction treatment program, but you’ll also get all the benefits of embracing a holistic lifestyle.

This means that you’re going to work with tried and true methods, like individual therapy, and group therapy. You’ll still go through detox, and you’ll still be spending time working on recovery exercises to keep you connected to your overall recovery journey.

The difference is that you’ll be eating really healthy so you can fuel your body with vital nutrients and feel great sooner than you might at a traditional treatment facility. You will also likely be learning to do some yoga and meditation. This will help you to enjoy balance and calm in lives that we often feel we cannot control.

If you know you need to go to addiction treatment but aren’t sure if holistic rehab is a good choice for you, or if you should try traditional addiction treatment first, give us a call and let us help you make the right recovery choice for you.

Are You Ready for a Holistic Rehab Experience?

Are you ready for a holistic rehab experience? Do you feel like learning how to enjoy a healthy, natural balance in all aspects of your life would help you to kick your addiction? Does the idea of being able to overcome your addiction with the help of things like meditation, yoga, and alternative healing practices sound good to you?

You might be ready for a holistic rehab experience, but if you’re still not sure, you should answer these questions for yourself:

  • Does it feel like you’re just bogged down in all the drama that your addiction brings? Addiction brings drama and upset. It often causes more stress than it’s worth, and when you add the stress of needing to get high or drunk all the time with the potential concern of legal troubles, health problems, homelessness and relationship struggles, it’s no wonder that addiction bogs you down. This is something that we’ve heard time and time again for recovering addicts and this is something holistic treatment focuses on from the very start.
  • Do you feel like you would like to kick your addiction but no rehab feels right? Have you looked for a great rehab where you can feel comfortable and come away feeling like nothing is a good fit? Would you really like to kick your addiction but aren’t sure if there’s a rehab that can really help you?
  • Do you want to learn how to live a healthy, balanced life? Balance is something that so many of us strive for, and when you’re in recovery from an addiction, that balance can be like a comforting blanket. That’s why so many people find that holistic rehab is so helpful to them.
  • Are you open to alternative ways of healing and living? If you like the idea of embracing a more natural, healthy lifestyle, a holistic rehab might be great for you. From the foods you eat, to how you spend your time, you’ll learn about it all here.

If you’re intrigued and want to learn more about your own holistic rehab experience, we can help. We specialize in giving our clients top-notch attention and feel that everyone struggling with an addiction deserves the chance to overcome it when they are ready.

No matter if you’ve tried rehab in the past and found it didn’t work, or you want to go for something different the first time around, a holistic rehab experience might be just what you need to make the most of your life and get your recovery journey started on the right foot. Healthy, balanced and ready to take on the world.

Does Insurance Cover Holistic Rehab?

If you’re looking to attend holistic rehab, one of the big questions you might have is if your insurance will cover it like it usually does with other types of addiction treatment. It’s important that you know if you do have coverage to attend rehab before you get started because rehab can be very expensive.

It’s an essential, though, because addiction treatment has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to get, and stay, clean and sober for the long term.

Will Insurance Offer Holistic Rehab Coverage?

Your addiction treatment choices can largely be based on whether or not your insurance helps to cover some of the cost, and it’s important to know that different types of health insurance offer different types of coverage. While someone who has chosen the most expensive insurance might experience almost a complete rehab coverage, someone who didn’t want to pay as much for their insurance coverage might have less rehab coverage.

No matter what type of insurance coverage you have, you might find that you do get to enjoy some amount of holistic rehab coverage. The key is to talk to an insurance specialist so you can have a clear idea of what you’ll have to pay out of pocket before you even begin looking for treatment.

How do you Know What’s Covered?

So, how can you know what’s covered when it comes to your rehab choices? You can call your insurance company, or go online for coverage guidelines. You should also remember that other factors, such as how much your deductible is, and how much you have already paid out of pocket, that will affect how much you wind up paying to attend holistic rehab.

You should also keep in mind that many insurance companies work with a network of service providers. When you stay in network, you will enjoy a greater number of benefits than if you choose a facility that is out of network for you.

You should also make sure that any holistic rehab you’re considering works with your insurance company. This will ensure that you don’t have to pay for the whole rehab bill on your own.

Choosing a great rehab is often a personal choice, and if you love the idea of embracing a holistic recovery, you’re probably going to want to start with a holistic rehab. So, explore your options, and start your new addiction-free life in a way that will make you feel truly balanced and great.