Massage in Rehab? How This Simple Practice Can Help Your Recovery

image of beach with birds flyingMany people think that massage in rehab is more of a luxury than an essential, but for those who have had the opportunity to use this type of healing, it has become one of the most important aspects of physical healing from an addiction. If you’ve ever enjoyed a massage, you know the benefits to your overall feelings of health and well-being.

What a Massage is Like

At first, when you get a massage, you might even think it hurts a little. Your back gets tense, and all this tension has to be worked out. It might not be that soothing back rub that you were anticipating, but no expert will knead harder than you can handle.

In fact, the goal is to get rid of all the knots in your muscles and rid your body of the toxins that build up in these knots. You might not want this to happen too quickly, as the toxins can make you feel sick. It’s part of the reason that drinking lots of water is recommended before and after your massages.

After your massage, it’s likely that you will feel relaxed, but maybe a little bit sore. You may even feel like you’ve been run over by a bus. This is normal, especially at first, but don’t worry, it doesn’t last.

If it Hurts at First, Why do it?

So, you’re probably wondering – if it hurts at first, why do it? Why go back for a second, and even third massage session? Basically, when you choose to embrace massage as a healing practice in your recovery, you’re actually looking for the cumulative benefits it can have. When all those knots of tension are worked out, you won’t have all the toxins in your body, which can help you to feel better overall.

When you aren’t struggling with physical tension, it’s likely that a lot of your back pain, which can radiate and make you miserable, you’re probably going to find that you feel pretty darn good.

Massage has a cumulative effect on your physical health. It also can help your emotional health by removing stress. When you’re always tense, the nerves in your back only know to tell your brain that something is wrong. When your brain gets those signals, it can go overboard trying to convince you that something has not been taken care of. This is where a lot of anxiety comes from.

Massage might seem like a luxury, but when you discover the benefits it can have for your health and well-being, you’ll probably decide that you aren’t willing to do without this part of your recovery.

Do You Need to Try Traditional Addiction Treatment Before You Go Holistic?

Many people believe that they need to try traditional addiction treatment before they choose to try something alternative and holistic, but this isn’t the case at all. In fact, for lots of people who are working on addiction recovery and enjoying success, finding the right type of addiction treatment first can make all the difference in their long-term journey.

So, do you really need to try a traditional addiction treatment program and find that it doesn’t work for you before you choose to try something like holistic addiction treatment?

Why Many People Believe This

In the past, in order to get your health insurance to offer coverage for addiction treatment, you would have to work within their recommended treatment programs or pay out of pocket. These days, though, the range of services that insurance companies cover, as well as the number of holistic treatment programs that actually work with insurance companies have both increased dramatically.

That means that these days, your insurance is much less likely to tell you to try something that won’t work, only to have to cover more treatment later, and more likely to encourage you to try to find the right kind of treatment the first time.

So, instead of being told that you need to try traditional addiction treatment before you choose to go with something alternative like a holistic rehab, policyholders are being more and more encouraged to try what they think will work best for them the first time.

Is Holistic Rehab A Good Choice for First-Timers?

If you’ve never been to addiction rehab, you might be thinking that you should try something more traditional at first, but this just isn’t the case. In fact, you’re going to enjoy a very comprehensive treatment program when you choose an alternative addiction treatment program, but you’ll also get all the benefits of embracing a holistic lifestyle.

This means that you’re going to work with tried and true methods, like individual therapy, and group therapy. You’ll still go through detox, and you’ll still be spending time working on recovery exercises to keep you connected to your overall recovery journey.

The difference is that you’ll be eating really healthy so you can fuel your body with vital nutrients and feel great sooner than you might at a traditional treatment facility. You will also likely be learning to do some yoga and meditation. This will help you to enjoy balance and calm in lives that we often feel we cannot control.

If you know you need to go to addiction treatment but aren’t sure if holistic rehab is a good choice for you, or if you should try traditional addiction treatment first, give us a call and let us help you make the right recovery choice for you.

Alternative Addiction Treatment? Yes, it Does Exist

Lots of people find that they would do best with an alternative addiction treatment program, but they aren’t really sure what this entails. They don’t know what goes into an alternative rehab, and they aren’t sure that they really want to live this type of life. However, many people are choosing to embrace this way of life, and for those who choose to start their recovery journey in this way, it seems that doors open and keep opening.

Holistic rehab is something much different than traditional addiction treatment programs. Yes, you’re still going to enjoy the things that work, like individual treatment. You’ll also go through group therapy because this has been shown to be another tremendous benefit in overcoming addictions. You’re going to find that activity is another major part of your rehab experience, but there is something different about this type of treatment, too.

What Makes Alternative Addiction Treatment Different?

Many people wonder what makes alternative addiction treatment so different from traditional addiction treatment programs. The simple answer is that it’s natural. The long answer is that holistic rehab embraces all kinds of holistic and natural ways of living to help you embark on your recovery journey. You’re going to be doing activities that show you how you can live a healthy, holistic life without feeling like you’re doing so much work.

You might learn how to cook and focus on the nutrients in the foods you consume. You might learn how to garden organically so that you’re eating foods that you have grown. You may learn how to meditate in a way that leaves you feeling calm and rested, and in control of your emotional state. You may go on hikes and enjoy spa-like features such as massage and acupuncture.

How to Find the Right Holistic Rehab for You

There are many different ways to look for, and find alternative addiction treatment, but one of the best ways is to align yourself with a really great rehab placement service that gets to know you and matches your needs with rehabs that your insurance works with, your personality will work with, and you can feel great about attending.

If you’re thinking that you would do well in an alternative addiction treatment program, then that’s a good sign that you should be checking it out. So, why not get started today? Rehab is scary, but holistic treatment can change the way you see all aspects of life, and that can be a beautiful journey.

Why You Should Consider Holistic Rehab When Considering Rehab

If you’re like many who are curious about a holistic rehab experience, you’re probably wondering what, exactly makes it so amazing. What makes it different? How could a stay at a holistic rehab change your whole life like people say? All really great questions, especially if you’re planning to be footing the bill to a treatment facility like this.

So, let’s take a look at what makes a holistic rehab different, and why you should seriously consider this type of treatment if you have a certain type of personality.

A Different Way of Living

When you live a holistic life, you’re living differently than many people. You’ve chosen to embrace a healthy, alternative lifestyle that often includes many natural types of treatment and whole body balance. This balance can often leave you feeling less stress, suffering from fewer common illnesses like colds and flu, and can even encourage greater success in all aspects of life.

When you choose to live holistically, you’re taking your life and your health into your own hands. This is often done through things like diet, meditation, Yoga, and can even include nutritional supplements, and herbs or alternative healing methods.

How it fits Into Recovery

So, how does a holistic lifestyle fit into your addiction recovery? How can choosing to attend a holistic rehab give you a great start to both a healthy recovery from your addiction and a new way of living in general?

Holistic rehab uses all of the concepts of living a holistic life and introduces you to this new way of healing. It starts with making it through detox in a healthy, safe way with the help of holistic, natural and alternative methods. Your holistic journey will continue onto learning how to ease stress and anxiety, fight cravings and urges, and using all the aspects of an alternative lifestyle to become healthier, happier, and most of all, addiction free.

If you’re struggling with an addiction, but aren’t sure if a holistic rehab is for you, it might be time to take a better look at all the options that you can enjoy when you choose this type of treatment. Since you’re planning to go to addiction treatment anyway, why not make it a learning experience? You’ll find that living a balanced, healthy, well-rounded life can actually increase your chances of recovery success today, and keep you living healthy and happy for all of your tomorrows.