The Power of Nature for a Healthy Recovery Journey

Have you considered the power of nature when it comes to living a healthy recovery journey? Why do so many recovery experts recommend spending time gardening, going for a walk outside or just getting out and breathing a bit if there isn’t something good there?

It turns out that nature can actually be a powerful holistic healer when it comes to making sure you stay your healthiest, most well-balanced self. But how does it work, and how can you put the benefits to work for you?

  • Taking a walk outside has been shown to have significant stress relieving potential. Some say that the natural rhythm of nature helps to calm your body, and that, in turn, drops your blood pressure and helps you to ease feelings of anxiety. Plus, if you’re getting sunshine, you’re fighting off the blues. Even better is that by getting some exercise, you’re increasing the chances that you’ll enjoy a good sleep, and helping to keep extra weight at bay.
  • Gardening has been shown to be soothing, and for many, it’s that project that they need to help them feel like they have a purpose. It might seem strange to have the reason you keep going be watering your cucumber crop, but if it gets you through, then its well worth it. As an added plus, there has been research that suggests that a certain bacteria in some types of soil can actually boost your overall happiness.
  • Just taking some time to sit outdoors and take in the sounds of nature and the fresh air can be significantly powerful when it comes to a healthy recovery journey. When you allow yourself to disconnect from the stressors of life and just sit and listen to what’s happening outside, you will likely find that you are calmed and soothed. In fact, practicing just sitting in nature can have tremendous health benefits, and some suggest that all aspects of nature give off much-needed energy that you may just absorb a bit of.

No matter what your reasoning for embracing the power of nature in your recovery journey, there is no denying how good it can feel to spend a whole day outdoors. When you go in, you might be pleasantly tired, but feel a bit more free and relaxed than if you were to sit inside all day long.

So, why not find out how holistic rehabs incorporate the power of nature to help their residents enjoy a healthy recovery? Give us a call, and let us help you find the right holistic treatment program for you today.